Brownsville, TX

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Emerging Site Since: March 12, 2021
Opening Date: TBD
Exhibition Type: Mark II

Lead Institution: South Texas Astronomical Society

Partner Institutions:

Proposed Location:  Mitte Cultural District


The Brownsville area in deep South Texas nurtures beautiful beaches, wildlife refuges and zoos inhabited by thousands of animal species, some of the finest Mexican cuisines, and a rapidly growing community of space enthusiasts!

The South Texas Astronomical Society (STARS) is a community-based nonprofit providing education and outreach for astronomy and space science. The organization’s mission is to ignite curiosity through exploration of the universe. In order to achieve this, STARS collaborates with local partners to create opportunities for community engagement through space exploration. The Voyage Scale Model Solar System exhibition and experience align greatly with the organization’s goals of expanding access to space science education and providing insight into the cosmic perspective.

The proposed location for the Voyage exhibition is the historic Mitte Cultural District, a geographic area in southern Brownsville characterized by historic, educational, and cultural museums and organizations. In a place where university astrophysicists study deep space phenomena and an interplanetary spaceport is under construction on the beach, Brownsville is on a never-ending Voyage of exploration and discovery.

Preliminary Site Maps

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The Inner Solar System orbits out to the Asteroid Belt.

The Outer Solar System orbits from the Asteroid Belt out to Pluto.

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