Voyage in Houston, TX

Teacher Professional Development, Opening Day at Space Center Houston, November 14, 2008

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Opening Date
: November 14, 2008
Exhibition Type
: Mark I
Lead Institution: Space Center Houston
Partner Institution: Houston Endowment Inc.

Journey through the Universe opening programs–

  • November 14: 1-Day Voyage Educator Professional Development Workshop
  • November 15: Family Night Public Presentation: A Voyage that Will Forever Change Your Perspective of Home



Voyage is installed at Space Center Houston, which serves as the visitor complex for NASA’s Johnson Space Center. Voyage is found along the sidewalk that runs along the front of the parking lot, with Jupiter and Saturn positioned on both sides of the entrance to the facility (see site map below). The sidewalk needed to be extended to accommodate Neptune and Pluto. Prior to exhibition installation, construction of the sidewalk seemed baffling to staff given it seemed to be ‘the sidewalk to nowhere’.

The site for Voyage in Houston posed a challenge given it was not a straight pathway. Once the locations of Jupiter and Saturn were identified, the orbits of the planets were superimposed on a map of the facility to see where the orbits intersected the sidewalk. Even the site map below needed to be rendered in 3D to accommodate the curved pathway. Planning for Voyage in Houston allowed for future Voyage installations to not require a straight pathway.


Site Map

Houston Site Map

Houston Site Map



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