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The core learning objective for the Voyage National Program is to provide a deep conceptual understanding of humanity’s place in a greater space. The pedagogical approach is to creatively leverage the power of models.

The core experience is provided by either self-directed or tour-based exploration of a Voyage exhibition – an accurate 1 to 10-billion scale model of the Solar System. Scaffolding is provided by imagery and text on the exhibition storyboards, a tour brochure – the Outdoor Exploration Guide – promoting inquiry-based exploration of the Solar System, and a suite of Grade K-2, 3-4, 5-8, and 9-12 lessons – the Voyage Grade K-12 Curriculum – that can place a visit to a Voyage exhibition within a multi-week unit on Solar System science and exploration. The curriculum also includes a home activity so that a family can have a cross-generational learning experience by setting up a temporary Voyage model Solar System in a park, on a beach, or along a long sidewalk.

The National Center for Earth and Space Science Education (NCESSE) also makes available supplemental programming through the Journey through the Universe initiative, which can include some combination of i) public and family programs as, e.g., exhibition opening events; ii) professional development for teachers on the Voyage Grade K-12 Curriculum, and iii) classroom visits by a National Team of planetary scientists and engineers exploring research on the frontier with potentially thousands of students – one classroom at a time. Read about the experiential approach to these programs at the NCESSE website.

Taken together, all the elements described above promote a community engagement model for STEM education – read about this Learning Community Model at the NCESSE website.

We invite teachers and parents to explore the webpages below, written by Dr. Jeff Goldstein, the Voyage National Program Director, which serve as a suite of resources on the power of models, the multi-faceted use of models in Voyage, the pedagogical justification for the one to 10-billion scale, the accuracy of the Voyage model Solar System, and the Voyage Grade K-12 curriculum.

You may access the webpages via the hotlinks below or by hovering your cursor over the Teacher Resources button in the navigation banner above.

The Power of Models

Modeling Used in Voyage

Voyage’s Use of Physical Models

Voyage’s Use of Conceptual Models

Voyage’s Use of Numerical Models

Voyage’s One to 10-Billion Scale

Accuracy of the Voyage Scale Model Solar System

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Voyage Grade K-12 Curriculum

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